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Privacy Policy of the website

1. General Provisions

1.1. The owner and administrator of the website (hereinafter "the website") is DeCreative Interior LTD (hereinafter “DECREATIVE”) Commercial Register code 12845388, postal address: Unit 3B, Berol House, 25 Ashley Road, Tottenham Hale, London N17 9LJ, email:

1.2. This Privacy Policy of the website is binding on all parties of the website: the manufacturer and owner of products (hereinafter “the Merchant”), a natural or legal person who makes the purchase in the website (hereinafter „the Customer“) and DECREATIVE, the mediator of the Merchant and the Customer.

1.3. DECREATIVE has assumed the obligation to protect privacy of their Customers and therefore, DECREATIVE has prepared these Privacy Policy principles, which govern the collection, use, disclosure, transmission, and storage of Customer´s data. The operations of DECREATIVE on the Internet comply with all relevant practices, as well as respective UK legislation and laws of the England. 

1.4. DECREATIVE may modify or amend this Privacy Policy in time to time. Amended version of Policy will be published, DECREATIVE will not notify the parties about the amended Policy.

2. Collection and use of personal data

2.1. Personal data means any data that can be directly or indirectly associated with the Customer as an individual, which is collected and processed by DECREATIVE in order to fulfill contracts concluded with Customers, to contact them, and perform obligations pursuant to law.


2.2. Personal data of Customers can be collected in any of the following ways:


  • when Customer provides its contact information to DECREATIVE (incl. name, personal ID code, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, the preferred method of communication) in the web page of DECREATIVE;

  • when Customer uses the website of DECREATIVE and the data is collected through cookies;

  • when Customer makes a purchase or place an order in the website of DECREATIVE and stores its personal contact information or purchasing preferences (in certain sections of the website DECREATIVE may ask Customer to voluntarily provide its personal data and personal information. Such personal data may include Customers name, address, postal code, e-mail address, telephone number, and other data).


3. Collection of other data


3.1. DECREATIVE also collects non-personal data, i.e. data that cannot be causally linked to a particular individual (gender, age, language preference, location).


3.2. DECREATIVE may also collect data of general nature about how the Customer interacts with in the website. This data is combined and used to provide Customers information that is more useful for them, and to learn about which parts of the website, products, and services attract the most interest. In this Privacy Policy such combined data are regarded as non-personalised data.


4. Use and storage of collected personal data


4.1. To ensure better customer service, DECREATIVE may disclose information about individual users to a third party who provides services to DECREATIVE and is contractually bound to keep any shared information confidential. Such third party may be, for instance, the partner (i.e. the merchant and courier service) whose duty is to deliver goods sold in the website of DECREATIVE.


4.2. DECREATIVE stores all personal data of a client until the Customer deletes its account. Data that DECREATIVE must store pursuant to law (e.g. accounting data) is stored by DECREATIVE in accordance with the provisions of law. 


5. Alterations to personal data


5.1. Customers can see, alter, and supplement their personal data, collected for the purpose of identification and communication with them, on the in the “My Account” section.


5.2. Should the change involve the e-mail address of Customer, the Customer is kindly asked to notify DECREATIVE thereof by sending and email to , because customers cannot change their e-mail address themselves.


6. Security of personal data 


6.1. DECREATIVE takes all precautions (incl. administrative, technical, and physical measures) to protect customers’ personal data. Only authorized persons have access to personal data for making alterations and processing the same. 


6.2. If the Customer suspects that its personal data is treated contrary to what is described in this Privacy Policy, or if there is any risk that the data of Customer is leaked to unauthorized parties, the Customer should notify DECREATIVE immediately. This is the only way that allows DECREATIVE to minimize any potential damages.

6.3. Customers have the right to demand termination of the processing of their data, ask about how their data is used, request that their data be transmitted in a commonly used format either to themselves or to a third party. To avoid misuse of Customer´s data and rights, such requests may only be submitted in a format that makes it possible to identify the person submitting that request (signed digitally or original request on paper format, with notarized signature). DECREATIVE has the right to respond to such requests within 30 days. 


6.4. DECREATIVE will regard a request to terminate processing of data as a request to terminate the Customer´s contract. 


7. Security


7.1. Any personal data that the Customer provides while visiting and shopping in DECREATIVE website is considered as confidential information.


7.2. The use of encrypted data transmission channel with banks guarantees that personal data and bank particulars of buyers are protected.


8. Terms and conditions of, and amendments to Privacy Policy


8.1. By starting to use the website or completing the Customer application in DECREATIVE website, the Customer confirms that he or she have read these principles, terms and conditions, and agree with them. DECREATIVE reserves the right to amend the general terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, if necessary, by not notifying the Customers thereof. The Privacy Policy is kept updated and available for Customers on the website of DECREATIVE.


8.2. The controller in charge of processing customers’ personal data is Decreative Interior LTD. If the Customer has any questions or concerns about the Privacy Policy or data processing, the Customer is kindly asked to contact DECREATIVE at


8.3. The Customer may always contact the Data Protection Inspectorate or a court to protect its personal data. The Data Protection Inspectorate is a national authority that may also be contacted for advice or assistance in matters concerning protection of personal data.

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